The Fundraising/Sponsorship Manager role contributes to OMOL’s short, medium and long-term growth and development by attracting and securing financial support from the public, philanthropic trusts and foundations, governments, corporate sponsorships and partnerships, media partnerships, donors, and local businesses, as well as through events, and entrepreneurial initiatives. The position is responsible for developing, managing and delivering sponsorship and fundraising strategies that build audiences, participants, and visitors and
ensure a strong ongoing profile and presence for OMOL on a local, national and global level. Tasks include Managing, Planning, development, project management, and successful implementation of integrated fundraising and sponsorship programs.

Key Responsibilities

• Develop and implement a three-year, overarching, comprehensive fundraising plan in collaboration
with the Executive Director that includes strategies for achieving a range of public and private sector
revenue-raising efforts with short, medium and long term goals and targets.
• Ensure that all of OMOL’s public and private sector fundraising efforts are achieved within budgets
approved by the CEO.
• Maintain and service existing corporate partners, sponsors, local business supporters, and loyal
• Identify, research, attract, and secure new sponsors and partners.
• Develop and implement philanthropic-giving programs and campaigns and ensure that all
partnership and sponsorship-building efforts encourage long-term commitment, maximize
leveraging opportunities on behalf of partners and sponsors, reflect the OMOL brand and its unique
value proposition in a positive and effective manner, and build OMOL profile, credibility and
• Prepare proposals for grants, philanthropic trusts and foundations and potential
business partners or sponsors in consultation and collaboration with the CEO and assist in the
preparation of funding applications and acquittals to government departments and agencies.
• Be the primary point of contact for all stakeholders connected with OMOL fundraising efforts.
• Create and maintain accurate and up-to-date fundraising contact databases, including a record of
potential fundraising leads, and keep accurate records of meetings.
• Manage the preparation and maintenance of all fundraising-related documentation including
proposals, contracts, activation plans, OMOL events, VIP ticketing, corporate
entertainment, promotional events and launches and associated logistics, post-event thank-you responses, supporter’s awards, and outcome reports.
• Prepare reports on the outcomes of all fundraising efforts, and provide updates on progress/status
and cost-benefit analyses.
• Strive to achieve expected income targets including but not limited to revenue from: government and
foundation grants, corporate sponsors, local business partnerships, media partnerships, private giving, in-kind support, merchandise sales, fundraising events, and business development initiatives ensuring that support from all sources is maximized.
• Manage, monitor and adhere to budgets approved by the CEO for marketing and fundraising purposes, ensuring that cost efficiencies are maximized.
• Report to the CEO and the Finance & Office Manager on income generated by and expenses incurred through marketing and fundraising activities.
• Prepare all corporate and media partnership and sponsorship contracts or letters of agreement, ensuring that invoicing and payment processes are managed accurately and in a timely manner through the Finance & Office Manager.
• Manage and ensure all financial, marketing and other contractual obligations relating to all partnerships and grants are met and up-to-date, and develop and maintain an effective system or systems for monitoring all such obligations.
• Oversee the development and management of a system for receiving, recording and acknowledging all private-giving ensuring that OMOL meets all of its obligations with respect to Deductible Gift Recipient status.

Individual Specification:

Experience working in a fundraising capacity and/or managing or administrating sponsorship
programs will be an advantage. You will also need to demonstrate:
• Understanding of fundraising principles and practice.
• Well-developed communication skills – written, oral and listening. You will need to demonstrate
the ability to present information in an appropriate and engaging manner.
• Understanding of how to use data to inform fundraising strategy and identify prospective
• Good organization skills with a methodical approach to planning, analysis, presentation of
information and an ability to prioritize tasks in order to meet deadlines.
• Strong computer literacy, including an understanding of online fundraising and sponsorship
• Confident and outgoing nature, and enjoy working collaboratively, as well as work effectively
• Flexibility, adaptability and a willingness to meet demands and work to deadlines.
• Passion for enabling change through funding partnerships.
• Not essential, but helpful to have worked with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
system for tracking of possible funding/sponsor opportunities/partnerships


Bachelor degree in journalism, PR, marketing or related field preferred, or

High School Diploma with up to 5 years of prior experience.
Valid Driver's License and own vehicle, preferred.
Ability to pass a background check and drug screening.

Salary: $17 per hour plus commission; part-time (10 to 20 hours per week)