The Service Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing and providing service coordination and case management for members in a senior affordable housing building, managed by CSI Support & Development (CSI). The Service Coordinators responsibility is to enhance the ability for members to stay living independently in the co-op, and includes collaborating with members, the Co-op council and/or the liaison, assessing needs and linking members and community members to services, providing case management, planning and implementing educational opportunities promoting health and well-being, and developing and supporting meaningful engagement between members in the Co-op and those of the surrounding community. The Service Coordinator is an employee of Civic Works Inc. and part of a joint Civic Works/CSI team.

Job Duties and Responsibilities include:

§ Working collaboratively with the members, Council and other committees of the Co-op.

§ Coordinating as well as conducting complete psychosocial assessments for residents on a voluntary basis who may be at-risk or frail on an initial and ongoing basis

§ Helping transition applicants for residency by determining their current and potential needs

§ Coordinating and/or providing general case management and referral services

§ Maintaining accurate, complete, updated files on members, programs and activities through an online case management program

§ Participating in regular meetings with the Co-op team and the Civic Works service coordinator team and providing appropriate status reports

§ Establishing relationships with local service providers who are currently providing or could provide services to residents who are at-risk or frail, and monitoring the quality and effectiveness of their service delivery

§ Assuring that all service providers are vetted based on established criteria prior to making referrals

§ Working with the Family and Community Resource Committee to plan and implement educational and group programs

§ Assisting members to create and maintain informal support networks consisting of other members, family, and friends in their Co-ops and the community

§ Supervising BSW and/or MSW and other interns as appropriate

§ Continuously improve the quality of member and community services that are provided by participating in regular training, research and evaluation of outcomes