OBJECTIVE: Safety Enforcement Officers (SEO) within the Bureau of Risk Management conduct building site inspections to identify occupational hazards. The SEO also conducts safety trainings throughout the City to employees and management. The team attends agency meetings, responds to requests for information, as subject matter experts and writes safety reports. The trainee will attend trainings conducted by the SEO, assist with inspections and complete trainings to secure the skills needed, assist with reports, and follow up and respond to RFIs.

Job Duties:

  • Attend agency trainings
  • Assist with site visits
  • Assist with reports and gather information for reports ie: OSHA regulations, building codes policies
  • Help to identify opportunities to minimize risk and injuries in the workplace.
  • Attend Safety trainings and City Learning and Development trainings to secure the skillset needed to assist.
  • Successfully complete training courses within 90 days, including CPR training
  • Demonstrate responsible conduct and a positive manner in the work environment to ensure that the bureau is correctly and favorably presented.
  • Provide general administrative services to the safety team to include filing, data entry, typing and assisting in the management of communications and paperwork, managing diaries, and assisting with appointments
  • Maintain accurate records/documentation associated with your work
  • Adhere to all organization policies and procedures