Job Title: Sr Desktop Engineer

Job Location: 401 E. Fayette St. Baltimore, MD 21202

Job Type: 12 Months

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Handle daily technical support activities on desktop support, data network and server management.

• Fix server and security problems that impact the network

• Responsible for creating deployment packages and custom applications

• Working on SCCM software updates and patch deployment

• Set up desktop computers and peripherals and test network connections

• Set up computers and install software for various applications and programs

• Train end users on the usage of computers hardware and software

• Test computers to ensure proper functioning of computer systems

• Install and test desktop software applications and internet browsers

• Increasing memory when user is experiencing slowness if processor can handle the increase.

• Install and test hardware and peripheral components; loads appropriate software packages such as operating systems, networking components and office applications;

• Provide customization and adaptation of existing programs that meet users' requirements;

• Evaluate system potential by testing compatibility of new programs with existing programs; confirms program objectives and specifications by testing new programs; compares programs with established standards and makes modifications;

• Improve existing programs by reviewing objectives and specifications; evaluating proposed changes; recommending changes; making modifications;

• Maintain the inventory for the refresh program and run reports for the computers and laptops in the environment for the city.

• May also serve as Lead Tech for Help Desk or Desktop Support when additional support is needed.


• Bachelor of Science degree and two years of experience OR a combination of education and experience

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

• Previous IT experience in government is preferred.


• Knowledge of the installation, maintenance, and enhancement of microcomputer systems and mainframe client servers.

• Knowledge of the interrelationship of systems analysis, computer programming, and information technology operations.

• Knowledge of current trends and developments in network-based communications systems.

• Knowledge of computer-based communications protocols.

• Skill in developing database queries and generating reports.

• Skill in installing, repairing, and troubleshooting network programs, hardware, and systems.

• Skill in cartographic map design, accuracy of presentation with required map components and elements, layout and design.

• Ability to analyze, apply logic and solve technology problems.

• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with vendors, management, technical co-workers and support specialists, and system users.

• Ability to design complex systems consisting of a wide variety of programs, procedures, and forms.

• Ability to schedule and perform preventative and corrective maintenance procedures and repairs.

• Ability to write detailed technical reports and analyses.

• Ability to develop a working knowledge of computer systems software and operating systems.

• Ability to develop systems software and systems software testing procedures.