Job Description:

Responsible for Sanding, Masking and transporting cars.
Meticulously cleans and polishes cars for delivery.
Utilize a variety of cleaning products, tools, and techniques for the interior and exterior of vehicles.
Pre-wash vehicles prior to repair using a variety of cleaning products and equipment
Follow verbal and written work instructions
Vacuum the entire vehicle to remove dirt and debris
Inspect all vehicles for delivery quality standards
Maintain the cleanliness of equipment and work area
Must be able to buff and polish an exterior of a vehicle
Visually inspect every vehicle for flaws in the repaired area
Efficiently work and maintain company minimum standards
Maintain detailing equipment to ensure proper performance
Organize and maintain the inventory of detail department supplies
May involve cleaning and removing dirt in the engine compartments
Performs complete detail after vehicle repairs have been completed
Work with other departments to ensure a quality product and on-time delivery
Must review the repair order for each vehicle prior to beginning any work on the vehicle
Must be able to walk, stand, stoop, kneel or crouch in providing a properly prepared vehicle for painting
Detailers must follow high-quality standards to minimize defects and exceed company standards
Keeps track of allotted vehicles while helping to keep all vehicles on schedule for stated delivery date
Fulfill all detailing processes for vehicles according to Maaco & manufacturers requirements
Identification, safe handling, and appropriate disposal of materials and acquire knowledge of OSHA and EPA requirements
Must communicate with employers and other employees to plan and execute a quality repair on a variety of vehicles, including cars & trucks
Demonstrated commitment to continued learning by attending ongoing participation in the I-CAR ProLevel training and other industry-required training
Maintain clean and organized work area, blowing out daily, and returning any unused inventory to storage

Valid Driver's License
High School Diploma or GED
Must be 18 years of age or older
Experience with painting and detailing, preferred
Willing to train.
Background friendly.