The Community Outreach Liaison is responsible for conducting outreach to identify adults in targeted communities who need the COVID-19 vaccine by working with community organizations, nonprofits, home call agencies, residential service agencies, home health agencies, public agencies, faith communities, and program managers of BCHD programs serving the homebound. The overall goal of the position is to ensure that individuals unable or unlikely to get the vaccine without support are connected with opportunities to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. This position reports to the Program Coordinator.

The selected candidate will work 40 hours per week and receive a salary plus benefits including short and long-term disability, supported health care, 401k and dental.


Civic Works strengthens Baltimore’s communities through education, skills development, and community service. Our key program areas include community improvement, workforce development, education, and green programs.

Civic Works AmeriCorps members tutor and mentor students, create community parks and gardens, help homeowners conserve energy, grow food for low-income residents, rehabilitate abandoned houses, involve families in Baltimore City schools, and make homes safer for older adults, and recruit volunteers. Civic Works also trains Baltimore residents for employment in the healthcare and green job industries.


Civic Works, Inc. will work with BCHD to reach adults in targeted Baltimore communities and connect them with opportunities to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. These individuals are unable or unlikely to get the vaccine without support. The project will focus on

§ Adults who are homebound,

§ Adults who are ambulatory and living in the community (outside of senior housing and assisted living sites) who are vaccine-hesitant or experiencing barriers to getting the vaccine.

§ Older adults live in low to moderate-income apartment communities designated by BCHD as senior housing, including communities limited to persons aged 62 and over or communities with significant numbers of residents aged 60 and over.