Randstad is currently recruiting for Security Officer for University Of Maryland Hospital


  • All officers must have strong customer service skills with the ability to interact positively with a diverse hospital patient, hospital staff and visitor population
  • All officers must have the ability to develop and implement problem solving techniques, be team oriented and use common sense
  • Complete Annual Radiation Safety & Protection Review Training requirements must be completed prior to an Officer’s anniversary date
  • Must have computer skills sufficient to write reports,


  • An Officer must be able to monitor, address and prioritize security and safety risks on a continual basis
  • An especially important function of Security Officers, with respect to hospital staff, is their rapid response capabilities to security emergencies within the hospital (i.e. whether for behavioral health or medical reasons patients sometimes become violent or threaten medical or nursing staff)
  • Security Officers may also be called upon for external emergencies, such as assisting in providing aid for disaster victims
  • Security Officers will spend a good deal of their time enforcing rules, regulations, and hospital policies
  • An Officer must follow hospital Security Department directives and reduce risks to a manageable and acceptable level
  • Process Improvement DUTIES STANDARD 1. Will comply with all Maryland General Hospital and Departmental Policies and Directives Will have an understanding of Hospital and Departmental Policies and Directives


  • Must have at least 1 years’ security experience
  • Must be vaccinated
  • Must be at least 21 years old