Develop and implement a yearly engagement plan to engage students, community members, funders, partners, and program participants in partnership with the Education Manager, Workforce Development Manager, and members of the Communication Department.

Support and teach cohorts of youth involved in youth-centered events including event management and facilitation.

Identify potential local partnership opportunities and create collaborative opportunities for WAYM to connect with community efforts in alignment with WAYM’s mission and values.

Responsible for communicating and sharing mission-aligned community events and youth opportunities shared through Wide Angle Youth Media’s network.

Develop a list of outreach strategies based on knowledge of the local context and cultural considerations throughout the area.

Support Wide Angle’s goal to strengthen relationships with local, regional, and national policy-makers, maintain an active list of policymakers and their issues areas, and work with the Communications team to support outreach goals and build youth voice into systems change.

The following skills/traits are required for this position: A combination of 3 to 4 years of experience and/or education in community and youth engagement, advocacy, recruitment, and events management. Previous experience facilitating/engagement with high school or older youth, working with racially and ethnically diverse, and/or low-income communities. Demonstrated awareness of how to address and navigate systemic power imbalances through anti-racist and anti-oppressive community engagement practices. Enthusiasm and passion for engaging others and making change in communities. Ability to communicate effectively with citizens, staff, parents, young people, volunteers, and community groups. Advanced experience in collaborative leadership practices and interdepartmental communication and project management. Demonstrates experience and commitment to communicating with/facilitating middle school to college-aged youth, working with racially and ethnically diverse and/or low-income communities