The role of Executive Concierge (Monday - Friday, 7am-3pm) is one of both doing and leading. You and each of your team members are empowered to make first and lasting impressions with all prospects and residents. You take ownership and pride in creating stellar first impressions and building ongoing positive relationships and you are a role model for others who need to do the same. Your natural ability to strike up a conversation and make people feel “at home” is what drives excellence in resident services. You enjoy personalizing every interaction and consider it a challenge to learn the names and favorite things of all of your customers (that goes for four-legged residents too).

As an Executive Concierge, your primary responsibilities include:

• Leading by example, living the standards and behaviors consistent with the core values and culture of Bozzuto

• Coaching, mentoring and providing training to other members of the resident services team

• Solving problems and providing timely assistance to residents and prospects with care

• Planning and executing meaningful events and activities that engage residents and foster a sense of community

• Building brand loyalty and achieving resident retention goals by ensuring a consistently positive experience and a meticulously cared for community

• Generating awareness, interest and excitement via social media

• Encouraging happy customers to share the love by writing reviews on social networking sites

• Obsessively organizing front desk logs, package rooms, club room reservations and freight elevators

• Working weekends or evenings depending on the shift


• Building a motivating environment that encourages your team to give their very best

• Stepping in and taking responsibility for leading when the PM/APM is not present

• Engaging people in meaningful conversations that demonstrate your concern and genuine desire to make them feel at home

• Solving problems for your customers and treating them like you would your best friend

• Meticulously following up with everyone

• Playing an active role in making certain the community is impeccable

• Jumping in and covering for team members when needed

• Seeking out opportunities to enhance the customer’s experience