Career Development Facilitator

Job Posting Announcement

Posting Date: July 18, 2022

Classification: Human Services

Functional Job Title: Career Development Facilitator

Status & FLSA: Temporary w/benefits

Bargaining Unit: Non-Exempt/CUB

Grade: 918

Salary: $45,000

Location: Baltimore City District Court Re-Entry Project (DCREP) 1400 E. North Avenue, Baltimore, MD, 21213

City of Baltimore, Mayor’s Office of Employment Development:

The Mayor’s Office of Employment Development (MOED) coordinates and directs workforce development initiatives that are responsive to the needs of Baltimore City employees and job seekers to enhance and promote the local economy. At MOED, we view our mission broadly to deliver economic justice to our city. To us, economic justice means creating an equitable workforce system for all residents – especially those who have been generationally and systemically disadvantaged – one that is responsive to their needs and ensures viable economic opportunities. Our vision is for every City resident to maximize his/her career potential and for all employers have the human resources to grow and prosper – a workforce system that works.

Position Overview:

The MOED is a community partner with the court-focused program, Baltimore City District Court Re-Entry Project (DCREP). This program was founded by the Honorable Nicole Pastore who serves as the DCREP Coordinating Judge. DCREP is designed to simultaneously reduce criminal recidivism in Baltimore City while offering the participants a path to accessible training and employment opportunities. While helping participants acquire jobs with steady incomes to support their well-being, DCREP gives individuals, specifically those burdened by a criminal record, desperately needed access to jobs and education.

As a result of this community partnership, the MOED is seeking a Career Development Facilitator, who can assist DCREP and serve as a DCREP Caseworker. This position is supervised by the DCREP Coordinator, who is responsible for ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the program. In addition to this partnership between MOED and DCREP, the DCREP Caseworker assists other Team members of the program.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collect, organize, and enter information regarding the progress and employment status of all DCREP Participants
  • Manage the DCREP filing system, which consists of organizing sectioned file cabinets of hardcopy case folders, as well as, updating the DCREP Participants’ electronic profiles in a secure database
  • Assist court staff members with referring the criminal defendants to the program
  • Collect and file court reports
  • Create new and preserve relationships with community partners, who provide job training, employment opportunities and educational assistance
  • Communicate with Probation Agents and Pre-Trial Agents regarding the progress of DCREP Participants
  • Handle sensitive and confidential information while following policies and procedures
  • Promote DCREP in community outreach meetings that endorse the socially inclusive and politically non-partisan mission of DCREP
  • Collaborate frequently with DCREP Coordinating Judge, the DCREP Coordinator, and other DCREP Team Members
  • Adapt to a fast-paced work environment and adjust your tasks to meet deadlines and unexpected events that may occur when working with criminal defendants and service providers
  • Follow all other job duties that may develop as DCREP continues to adapt to evolving systems and populations

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Proficient in note taking and computer typing skills
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  • Effective communication skills with a variety of populations, which may include court system personnel, service providers, and criminal participants
  • Effective organizational skills; both with hardcopy filing systems and electronic databases
  • Capable of following a standard office schedule and adjusting to new daily tasks
  • Capable of learning new job assignments that may develop as the program continues to evolve

Minimum Requirements:

  • Fully vaccinated against the Coronavirus (COVID-19). An applicant’s vaccination status is deemed satisfactory when two weeks have passed since the applicant’s received their complete number of vaccinations from the one of the approved providers (i.e., Moderna, Pzifer or Johnson & Johnson). This condition of employment is consistent with other state judiciary orders and with local, state, and federal requirements being adopted to control COVID-19 transmission rates and to safeguard the health of Judiciary personnel and the public. Religious and medical exemptions will be granted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Successfully pass a background check conducted by the Maryland Judiciary

City of Baltimore, Mayor’s Office of Employment Development is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Service Provider.