Position: Software Engineer Location: Baltimore, MD

Duration: Long term Position Description

This software engineer will play a crucial role in designing, developing, and implementing software solutions for a large city's DevOps department.

They will lead and or contribute significantly to delivery of solutions, features and resolution of high priority business problems for the various municipal partners served by the IT department.

This position will be responsible for creating custom applications, integrating systems, and delivering comprehensive reporting solutions to support various city-wide initiatives and projects.

The other key component of the workplan for this role, estimated to be 15% to 20%, is full participation in the scoping and estimation process for applications projects to help standardize the application project estimation process and development of multiyear budgets plans that identify maintenance, licensing, support, configuration, data migration and related costs.


Support Project Intake Process:

• interface with business owners and project intake stakeholders to understand project needs and develop scopes, schedule and cost estimates that provide rationale rough order of magnitude estimates.

• prepare presentations to ready projects for intake discussions on schedule and budget. Software Development

• develop custom software solutions.

• collaborate with stakeholders to gather requirements and understand project objectives.

• design and implement custom applications tailored to meet specific city needs.

• ensure that the software solutions are scalable, efficient, and maintainable.

• conduct full testing of software to identify and resolve bugs and issues and ensure that agency managed software meets high standards and best practices.

• work collaboratively with cross-functional teams, DevOps, and other departments.

• document software design, development processes, and integration workflows System Integration

• integrate various systems and platforms to streamline processes and data flow.

• create APIs and middleware to facilitate seamless communication between different systems.

• troubleshoot integration issues and implement appropriate solutions. Reporting and Data Analysis

• design and develop reporting solutions to provide insights into city operations.

• create data visualizations and dashboards to aid decision-making processes.

• extract, transform, and load data from different sources to support reporting needs. Skills and Capabilities Desired:

• Strong proficiency in software development, programming languages like C#, VB.NET, Python, Java, etc..

• Strong proficiency in Microsoft technologies such as .NET Core, SQL Server, IIS, Azure.

• Experience developing custom software and applications to meet specific business needs.

• Knowledge of system integration techniques, including API design and middleware development

• Familiarity with database management and data modeling concepts

• Ability to analyze complex data and provide meaningful insights through reporting.

• Understanding of software testing methodologies and quality assurance practices

• Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot technical issues effectively.

• Strong communication skills to collaborate with team members and stakeholders.

• Knowledge of DevOps principles and practices

Education and Experience:

• Bachelor's degree in computer science, Software Engineering, or a related field (or equivalent experience)

Skills Requirements:

Basic Requirements:

• Proven track record of developing custom software solutions and system integrations.

• Minimum of 4 years of relevant software engineering experience

• Familiarity with Agile development methodologies • Experience with version control systems