The Licensed Therapist ensures the implementation of effective individual, family, and/or group therapy, and provides training, collaboration and supports to other treatment team members. The position offers flexible hours, full benefits, and a competitive full-time salary.

Essential Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Delivery of Services:

a. Provide individual and family therapy in a culturally sensitive manner with adherence to professional Code of Ethics, as recommended by treatment team

b. Conduct comprehensive biopsychosocial evaluations of all clients during the initial treatment phase and include the child/family or adult as active members and participants in treatment planning and implementation.

c. Provide training to various program staff regarding mental health issues, individual and family treatment issues, and group work through assisting in routine program training, or providing training per supervisor’s request. T

d. Assist family members and other staff in the development and implementation of a crisis plan for each individual/family in treatment.

e. Comply with all state Mental Health regulations regarding mandated reporting of child maltreatment, elder maltreatment, duty to warn/protect, confidentiality, treatment of minors, student rights and Health Information Privacy and Portability Act (HIPAA).

f. Plan for discharge from services with client/consumer, refer for follow-up care as needed

2. Documentation and Record Keeping:

a. Provide documentation that is in compliance with program procedures, State, licensing, and Medicaid regulations, including but not limited to treatment plans, case notes, assessments, summaries, etc. Sign off on various documentation per program procedures and licensing regulations; Ensure clinical/financial paperwork is timely and accurate to secure treatment services for the client.

b. Complete written work that is legible, accurate and uses professional language, meets timelines for submitting paperwork established by the program and organization, uses written documentation to communicate effectively with peers, subordinates, supervisors and collateral contacts.


  • Master’s Degree in Social Work required.
  • Licensed by professional affiliation.
  • Valid driver’s license and auto insurance.

Working Conditions

Physical Demands. Requires vision, speech, and hearing and a moderate to high level of physical activity including; sitting, standing, walking lifting and carrying as required.

Environmental Factors. Indoors/Outdoors: Residential setting, facility, school, home, community.

Working Hours. Non-traditional hours as determined by the program..

Clearances: State Police/FBI per state regulations; Child Protection


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Masters Degree


Masters or better in Social Work or related field.


3-5 years


1 year: Clinical experience working with youth and familie