-With the Program Manager, the Clean Corps Team Supervisor will plan and implement the day-to-day work of a Clean Corps team.

-Supervise, motivate, direct, coordinate and share the physical labor of a Clean Corps team.

-Develop the team members work ethic, safety practices, labor skills and their enthusiasm for the quality of community life regarding cleanliness.

-Assure the 100% completion of each trash removal site by site.

-Take responsibility for the performance outcomes of the team.

-Confer with team members with evaluations of their performance.

-Safely drive the team truck with team members.

-Maintain the truck and tools in good and clean condition.

-Communicate with community residents in an upbeat positive manner to gain their confidence and cooperation in the goal of a clean community.

Training and Instruction: Among team workers, the Clean Corps Supervisor will foster the development of good and safe work habits, the ability of workers to use time efficiently and show full respect to each other and everyone. The Supervisor will observe, record and evaluate the labor skill and soft skill development and future employability progress of team workers. The Supervisor will Impart an enthusiasm for cleanliness in each Baltimore community.

Communication: The Supervisor will prepare oral and written reports of work projects in the required manner; conduct regular crew and individual meetings to discuss field

progress; participate in staff meetings; counsel, motivate and correct participant members; interact successfully with the public and all parties.


Candidates for the Clean Corps Supervisor position should be able to:

-motivate, demonstrate and direct a trainee crew in daily trash removal under all conditions.

-organize equipment and follow procedures in maintaining and securing the team pickup truck.

-meet daily with Program Manager and other staff to plan and schedule fieldwork.

-reach daily, weekly, and monthly goals and respond to unplanned changes in neighborhood priorities as they occur.

-record and report information and photographs in the required manner.

-keep payroll time and other records.

-fulfill project contract requirements as defined by the Program Manager

-demonstrate knowledge of appropriate site-work procedures and trash handling practices.

-communicate effectively with team members, residents, Civic Works staff.