Hire Up is a paid work experience opportunity.

  • 6 months, with paid job readiness training
  • Includes supportive services and job placement assistance
  • Work with city agencies and nonprofit organizations

The Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of Baltimore City’s roadway network and adjacent assets. This will include the maintenance of street lights located on City’s streets, the upkeep of grassy right-a-ways, routine maintenance to bridges within the City, maintenance and repairs at the Inner Harbor, sign fabrication, roadway markings, maintenance and repair of underground conduit and the installation and maintenance of temporary event structures.

Description of Duties:

Mow and Clean right of ways and vacant lots, alleys, medians; fills saltboxes

Sweeps shovels or removes trash, debris, loose materials, asphalt or concrete, snow and ice

Digs and backfills holes, trenches, and streets; spreads and smooth concrete, set up concrete forms, fills potholes and smooth surfaces.

Operate simple equipment such as lawn mowers or riding mowers, hammers, drills, glue guns or other equipment requiring only brief instruction.

Cleans indoor facilities such as bathrooms, and outdoor ornamental fountains.

Cuts and removes tree limbs obstructing traffic signs

WORK DAYS: _Monday - Friday________ WORK HOURS: __8:30 am - 4:30 pm_