Hire Up is a paid work experience opportunity.

  • 6 months, with paid job readiness training
  • Includes supportive services and job placement assistance
  • Work with city agencies and nonprofit organizations

Some positions in the class of CDL Driver II oversees and gives directions to a crew of semi-skilled workers or crews of laborers. Some positions in this class may be required to drive and operate vehicles or trucks of all weights and sizes, to include large bulldozers, backhoes, cranes, graders, feller bunchers, prentice loaders, transit mix trucks, or trucks equipped for street painting, cable installation, sign installation, parking meter installation, and roadway maintenance. Works of this class involves no supervisory duties or responsibilities, but some positions require lead responsibilities.


On or before the date of filing the application, each candidate must:

Have graduated from an accredited high school or possession of a GED certificate.
EXPERIENCE: Some positions require;

  • Three years of experience performing laboring tasks including one year of such lead responsibilities as assigning, reviewing and approving the work of others, OR
  • Three years of experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of exterior lighting systems, OR
  • Three years of experience in electrical maintenance installation or repair work or in building construction electrical work, OR
  • Three years of experience in the operation of earth moving, logging, highway or utility maintenance equipment.