The Clean Corps Program Manager is responsible for the administration and implementation of Civic Works Clean Corps Program. The program manager assures the success of the two-year program by expending funds according to the program budget and overseeing the day-to-day operations of two crews, each comprised of a working supervisor and four workers. This person will also need to attend daily, weekly, and monthly meetings in ordinance with grant requirements. The program manager will also prepare program reports in a timely manner.

The selected candidate will work 40 hours per week and receive a salary plus benefits including short and long-term disability, supported health care, 401k and dental.


Civic Works strengthens Baltimores communities through education, skills development, and community service. Our key program areas include community improvement, workforce development, education, and green programs.

In the Clean Corps program, Civic Works program staff will strengthen communities by cleaning alleys and public refuse cans and cleaning and mowing grass in open spaces. Three designated communities are: Coldstream Homestead Montebello, Darley Park, and the Four-By-Four. The program will result in cleaner and more attractive residential neighborhoods. Program staff will collaborate with community leaders and support residents in maintaining clean conditions.


In the Clean Corps program, this program manager will work with Civic Works program contract partner, the Baltimore City Department of Planning (DOP) and other city agencies and work closely with community leaders. Clean Corps brings a higher level of daily sanitation service to the communities with teams of workers removing incidental and accumulated trash, and illegal dumping piles of trash.

Under the program managers direction, the team supervisors and the team members will record their accomplishments in a prescribed manner every day. The program manager will track and record the programs metrics for reporting, in turn, to DOP on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis in the manner contractually specified. The program manager will ensure the orderly use and maintenance of program vehicles, equipment, and tools. The program manager will hire and direct two crew supervisors and specify the performance requirements of the supervisors. The program manager will hire and specify the performance requirement of eight staff workers, four for each crew. The program manager will assign one crew to Coldstream Homestead Montebello and one crew to a combination of Darley Park and the Four-By-Four.


§ Organize and implement the operational model for two Civic Works Clean Corps crews

§ Organize the field data gathering methods

§ Keep records with high efficiency

§ Report program outcomes and other information in the required and timely manner

§ Hire program supervisors and crew members

§ Oversee the performance of supervisors and crew members

§ Provide administrative management that includes daily work schedules, vehicles and equipment, purchases, policy enforcement, community engagement records, financial oversight under a senior director and chief financial officer