Hire Up is a paid work experience opportunity.

  • 6 months, with paid job readiness training
  • Includes supportive services and job placement assistance
  • Work with city agencies and nonprofit organizations


The overall mission of the Downtown Cleaning Corps program is to assist in creating an attractive public environment in our 106-block DMA District. We perform a variety of endeavors designed to keep Downtown Baltimore clean and well-maintained, such as sweeping, emptying trash cans, weeding and plant removal, graffiti removal, debris removal, and other related cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Examples of Job Duties:

  1. Removal of trash and other waste materials from public streets, sidewalks and walkways
  2. Empty large outdoor trash receptacles, which may involve lifting of up to 50 pounds
  3. Remove weeds from public walkways, tree beds, and other areas of responsibility
  4. Remove animal/human waste from public walkways, tree beds, and other areas of responsibility
  5. Remove graffiti and stickers from a variety of public fixtures
  6. Seasonal snow removal and leaf removal
  7. Interact with members of the public in a professional manner

Qualifications and Requirements:

  1. Must be physically fit to lift and/or move up to 50 pounds
  2. Minimum age of 18 years
  3. Demonstrate professionalism, courtesy, and patience while interacting with the public during your time working in the field and anytime where you are in company uniform
  4. Willing and able to walk and stand outdoors in extreme climates for an eight-hour shift
  5. Willingness to wear specified uniform
  6. Ability to work day and evening shifts, weekend and holidays, as well as occasional overtime
  7. Must be capable of working independently and following written and verbal directives
  8. Successfully pass pre-employment tests, including controlled substance screening and reference checks