Project Manager, Train Up

Posting Date: September 6th, 2022

Classification: Grant Services Specialist III (GSSIII)

Salary Range: Low $70K

Status: Temporary Benefits Eligible

Location: Hybrid (telework and onsite per operational needs)

About City of Baltimore, Mayor’s Office of Employment Development:

The Mayor’s Office of Employment Development (MOED) coordinates and directs workforce development initiatives responsive to the needs of Baltimore City employees and job seekers in order to enhance and promote the local economy. At MOED, we view our mission broadly to deliver economic justice to our city! To us, economic justice means creating an equitable workforce system for all residents – especially those who have been generationally and systemically disadvantaged – one that is responsive to their needs and ensures viable economic opportunities. Our vision is for every City resident to maximize his/her career potential and all employers have the human resources to grow and prosper – a workforce system that works.

Train UP Overview:

This position is part of Baltimore City’s COVID-19 employment recovery strategy, which is funded through the American Rescue Plan Act. The Mayor’s Office of Employment Development (MOED) is working with public and private partners to provide occupational training, apprenticeships, subsidized work, supportive services, transportation assistance, and small business subsidies to city residents and small businesses negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. We will prioritize unemployed and underemployed residents and particularly our most disadvantaged jobseekers, including returning citizens, opportunity youth, and public assistance recipients. These programs will increase access to opportunity, promote local job growth, support low-income households, benefit historically underinvested neighborhoods, and create wealth in communities of color. They will also help the city become cleaner, safer, and more welcoming.

The Project Manager will manage all activities related to implementation and compliance of the Train Up. As part of MOED’s strategy, the agency will award grants of up to $300,000 to 10 to 15 occupational training providers to offer targeted training in in-demand fields. Additionally, MOED will contract with behavioral health and legal services providers to provide free, centralized supports to program participants. MOED will also contract with one or more adult education providers to offer literacy instruction to training applicants who do not meet academic eligibility requirements, as well as with community-based organizations to provide neighborhood-based recruitment. These “Community Connectors” will help ensure that residents in our target population are aware of Train Up.

MOED has received a state ARPA grant that started July 1, 2021, which funds approximately 400 seats per year. MOED has requested City ARPA funds to expand the program by 200 seats per year. We expect two years of funding, for a total of 1,200 seats over two years.

Train Up aims to advance economic justice, build an equitable workforce, and provide on-ramps for city residents who have been systematically disadvantaged to careers in high-demand industries paying family-sustaining wages. By offering wraparound supports, the program will help reduce barriers to future employment.

Train Up is in adherence with state and local funding agreements.

Position Overview:

The Train Up Manager is responsible for planning, administering, coordinating and executing the Train Up strategy. This includes making sure contracts are awarded expeditiously and that program goals are met including the number of residents who enter and complete training, obtain a credential, and obtain employment. The Manager should also help coordinate across providers so that residents can receive literacy, legal, and/or behavior health support as appropriate. In addition, the Manager should work with other MOED units to ensure that data is collected, invoices are paid, and prepare reports to funders on all activities as appropriate

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

● Manages relationships, prepares reporting as required and manages and compliance with state and local funders on behalf of MOED and the Project

  • Examines data, prepares analysis of grantee reports to make recommendations and prepare funder reports as required
  • Manages process to create, distribute, receive, review, and award grants via Requests for Proposals in key areas of Community Connections, Occupational Skills training, Adult Education, Mental Health, etc.
  • Manages Community Relations events, activities, and partnerships - including facilitated partnerships among Train Up grantees and community/practitioner design sessions
  • Manages grantee on-boarding and training - related to participant identification, program and financial reporting, as well as Maryland Workforce Exchange and/or other systems training
  • Coordinates Capacity Building and Technical Assistance opportunities on behalf of grantees
  • Engage grantees in broader MOED initiatives, project convenings, trainings, and systems-building work such as Grads2Careers, Practice Advisory Network, and the Baltimore Workforce Development Board
  • Reviews grantee reports in order to monitor grantee progress toward contractual outcomes, sharing best practices with the broader network, and leading efforts to help grantees achieve goals of the grant
  • Manages internal team and tasks - including assisting with hiring, training, and supervision of Train Up team, coordinating team meetings, cross-communication with aligned MOED initiatives, project management, as well as maintaining project timelines and goals documents
  • Works with Performance and Data Systems team and Contracting team to make sure goals of the grant are met and grantees are on track to spend
  • Coordinates evaluation efforts with internal and external evaluators - including regular communication and coordination of data reports/analysis
  • Monitors cross-program referrals via Access Point software and cross-program referrals
  • Coordinates contracting efforts between MOED contracting department and grantees
  • Communicates and markets Train Up and broader services of MOED to residents, funders, partners, and employers
  • Establishes and maintains working relationships with public and private project partners
  • Maintains active list of project’s points of contact
  • Other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to lead a team to accomplish shared vision and goals
  • Thorough knowledge of workforce development services and programs
  • Knowledge of employment and training practices that help low-wage residents advance to high wage jobs
  • Ability to design, implement and manage employment programs including fiscal, personnel or administrative aspects
  • Experience using data to manage performance
  • Knowledge of Management Information Systems preferred
  • Ability develop and manage a budget including periodic reviews and reports
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other agencies (federal, state and local), public and private agencies, community partners, and MOED associates
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, and make presentations to diverse groups including the public, agency leaders, elected officials, and community partners.
  • Knowledge of structural challenges that make it difficult for unemployed residents and low-wage workers to obtain, retain and advance
  • Ability to assign and review the work of subordinate employees
  • Must be computer-literate and familiar with word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications (i.e. MS Word, Excel, Access, etc.)

Minimum Required Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 4 years of experience in leading human services initiatives, coordinating and monitoring cases involving the provision of health, social, vocational or rehabilitation services to clients or
  • An equivalent combination of education and experience

City of Baltimore, Mayor’s Office of Employment Development is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Service Provide