Trigyn's direct government client has an immediate need for GIS Administrator in Baltimore, MD.

The particulars of the opportunity are below:

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Perform complex cadastral and GIS data maintenance, manipulation, analysis, extraction and generation assignments

• Perform data research, investigation and verification

• Code and digitize maps and geographic feature data into various layers and databases

• Respond to emergency mapping and information requests

• Work closely with end users, other GIS staff and the EGIS Supervisor to identify GIS requirements, technical issues and training needs; analyze current business processes and recommends best practice solutions; construct information technology definitions based upon the identified needs of the organization and its clients.

• Prepare, plan, produce, maintain and update a variety of maps, drawings, plans and other graphic representations displaying layers and attribute data from databases, using cartographic techniques to represent spatial data

• Develops and maintains data layers, using GIS tools, relational databases

• Perform detailed spatial analysis including notifications, buffering, hot spot analysis and zone consolidation

• Design and enter attribute data pertaining to specific features into a relational database

• Analyze requests for a variety of new applications, programs and modifications to existing GIS programs; analyzes and documents user work processes and systems functionality requirements; analyzes current GIS system functions, procedures and capabilities to determine if improved methods are possible. Work with the GIS Supervisor to develop and present proposals for new approaches and options to meet user’s needs.

• Coordinate and conducts user applications training classes; develops training material and manuals

• Maintain EGIS’s extensive Metadata catalog

• Maintain, develop and troubleshoot ArcGIS services

• Provide customer support via email, telephone or through one-on-one interactions with our clients

• GIS concepts and analytical techniques, including computerized mapping and digital data conversion, manipulation and analysis

Education and Experience:

• Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology Management, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related discipline from an accredited college or university; and

• Five years of GIS experience • Previous IT experience in government is preferred, but not required. Skills Requirements:

• Knowledge of the installation, maintenance, and enhancement of microcomputer systems and mainframe client servers.

• Knowledge of the interrelationship of systems analysis, computer programming, and information technology operations.

• Knowledge of current trends and developments in network-based communications systems.

• Knowledge of computer-based communications protocols.

• Knowledge of relational database structures.

• Familiarity with the Customer Data Model and Business Objects relationships.

• Skill in cartographic map design, accuracy of presentation with required map components and elements, layout and design.

• Ability to analyze, apply logic and solve technology problems.

• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with vendors, management, technical co-workers and support specialists, and system users.

• Ability to develop a working knowledge of computer systems software and operating systems.

• Ability to develop systems software and systems software testing procedures.