Solid Waste Worker Class Description

Hire Up is a paid work experience opportunity.

  • 6 months, with paid job readiness training
  • Includes supportive services and job placement assistance
  • Work with city agencies and nonprofit organizations

A Solid Waste Worker lifts and dumps trash into loadpackers or trucks. Work of this class involves no supervisory duties or responsibilities.

Incumbents receive close supervision from a technical superior. Employees in this class work a conventional workweek including Saturday hours on a rotating basis, overtime and callback in emergencies such as snowstorms, floods and windstorms. Work is performed outdoors on the back of loadpackers and usually in residential neighborhoods where there is exposure to elements of hazardous waste, inclement weather, bee stings, animal bites, sharp material protruding from trash and moving vehicle hazards. Work requires lifting heavy objects such as 20-gallon cans of mixed refuse and stretching.