OBJECTIVE: The candidate will work with the Deputy Chief as well as Insurance & Risk Finance Manager to secure data from agency partners, regarding claims and inspections. The candidate must be organized and have a high level of understanding for data collection, review, and accuracy. The candidate must be proficient in scanning and creating paperless files and proactively suggest ways to increase productivity via the one and done method. The candidate must also be able to utilize outlook to set reminders and follow up on items. Timely follow up, attention to detail and information transfer is must.

Job Duties:

  • Monitor the Claims mailbox, input claims, follow up and close out the claims.
  • Provide information to the leadership, insurer or insurance broker.
  • Respond to emails and phone calls within a timely manner.
  • Gather information, assist with organizing data
  • Suggest coverage enhancements/changes
  • Collaborate with office staff.
  • Assist with information gathering
  • Provide back up for staff